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[lifeline2_contact_us_output form=”2″ title=”CONTACT Us” sub_title=”Committed To Providing The Best” description=”Our mission and vision to continue our struggle to ease the suffering of helpless people. We aim to establish the unprivileged orphan children in their community. Our mission can be achieved by Allah’s blessings and through your help. Please, brothers and sisters, come forward and join our volunteers’ team to strive for humanitarian causes. Don’t forget to visit our website for more information, we welcome your suggestions and feedback.” receiver_mail=”info@unitedwelfafeaid.org”][lifeline2_contact_info_output icon=”ti-home” label=”ADDRESS” text=”1 Gwylym Street, Cwmdu, Swansea, SA5 8HD”][lifeline2_contact_info_output icon=”fa fa-envelope-o” label=”EMAIL ID” text=”info@unitedwelfareaid.org”][lifeline2_contact_info_output icon=”fa fa-phone” label=”PHONE NO” text=”+44 7707350660 “][lifeline2_contact_info_output icon=”ti-link” label=”WEB ADDRESS” text=”https://unitedwelfareaid.org”][/lifeline2_contact_us_output]