Mission, Vision And Principles

From the beginning of human history, many of us as humans, we have strived for the betterment of our society. The world is highly developing in technologies since the 18th century, yet we find it full of natural and man-made disasters. the UN statistics show, nearly one-third of world population are remaining below poverty level. It means millions of human beings are struggling to fulfil their fundamental needs. However, I believe as conscious individuals, we must stand for social justice without any discrimination. We must come together and help one another to rescue the mankind from this volatile world.

From the above instinct, a group of friends have come together and established an organisation that is called ‘United Welfare Aid’. Since 2009, United Welfare Aid is working to eradicate the poverty and suffering of our brothers and sisters in various parts of the world. Our first and foremost target is aiding the unprivileged children, orphans, and widowed mothers. We sincerely believe that education is the greatest gift for children and essential element to fight against poverty. This great mission of eradicating poverty, we would like to begin through educating our future generations.


United Welfare Aid has been delivered several projects, which has benefited more than 1400 destitute and desperately needy families. I appreciate all our donors and well-wishers for their tremendous support. Our humanitarian works could have been impossible without your help. Especially, your support during last Ramadan (2016), enabled us to feed nearly 300 families for entire month in three different areas of Bangladesh. Our mission and vision to continue our struggle to ease the suffering of helpless people. We aim to establish the unprivileged orphan children in their community. Our mission can be achieved by Allah’s blessings and through your help. Please, brothers and sisters, come forward and join our volunteers’ team to strive for humanitarian causes. Don’t forget to visit our website for more information, we welcome your suggestions and feedback.  www.unitedwelfareaid.org